Ice Climbing

There are a few top notch ice climbing locations within the Bitterroot Valley, as well as others just a short drive away. Unfortunately, ice climbing guiding services are not available in the area.

Blodgett Canyon

Home to some of western Montana`s best rock climbing, Blodgett has decent ice with the Swan Slabs on the south side of the canyon across from the Shoshone Buttress. The slabs offer some low-angle, two-pitch climbing that`s suitable for novices, plus there`s steeper waterfall ice at the top of the slabs.

Blodgett Falls

Just south of the Shoshone Buttress on the north wall, also offers opportunity, but requires improved skills.

Bear Creek Canyon

Near Victor, offers pretty quick access and some top-ropable climbs. The ice is on the canyon`s north walls; cross the creek just above the trailhead parking lot and head for cliffbands that spread out to the west. There`s also some slabby ice up the trail a few miles.

Lake Como

If you`re up for a three-mile walk, there are numerous flows in the cliffbands at the far end of the lake.
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