Options for snowshoeing in the Bitterroot Valley are as wide open as the terrain. With miles of trails and acres of open terrain there is plenty of snow to get you grinning.

Chief Joseph Pass Trail System

Please be aware that these trails are groomed for skis, when on snowshoe, stay to the side of the ski track. Donations encouraged. Elevation: 7,251'

Anderson Mountain Road Ski Trail

On the south side of the highway across from Chief Joseph trails you`ll find a dog-friendly area where the trails are not groomed for skis. Length: 8mi

Lake Como National Recreational Loop Trail

This groomed cross country ski area also welcomes snowshoers. You can explore a huge variety of trails right next to Lake Como. Pets welcome. Elevation: 4,292'

Lolo Pass

Just up the hill from Lolo Hot Springs, there are many options for snowshoeing along Lolo Pass. Park at the summit and follow one of the snow covered roads. You can literally choose your own adventure up here. Or, visit Snowshoe Falls by parking near the turnout at mile marker 5 and follow the creek to the falls.
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