Horseback Riding

If you are heading out on your own, trails in the Bitterroot Valley has at least two weeks worth of riding, from easy day ride loops in the Bitterroot National Forest Horse Riding Areas to canyon trails leading to lakes. There's also a few local outfitters who offer a variety of horseback trail rides.

Blodgett Creek Trail #19

Blodgett Canyon is one of the most picturesque and scenically varied of the Bitterroot canyons. The trail follows the creek westward towards Idaho, offering opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing and is relatively easy for the first nine miles. There are excellent views of the sheer, towering rock walls of the canyon and good access to some deep wide pools in the creek.
Location: Hamilton, MT

Calf Creek Wildlife Management Area

A winter range for elk that offers hiking, biking and horseback riding along the foothills of the Sapphire Mountains just east of Corvallis. Set out in search of an elk herd in the grasslands and ponderosa pine forests or watch for songbirds and raptors. The Wildlife Management Area is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Open April 15 - December 2 with restrictions in certain times of the year such as calving season. Hunting is allowed, check with Montana FWP for details. No dogs allowed from October 15 - May 14.
Location: Corvallis, MT

Coyote Coulee

A favorite trail of locals on horseback, mountain bike or foot. Two loops of trail, Hayes Creek and Brown Jug, make a figure eight they wander through forest, meadows, aspens, and creek crossings with a slight elevation gains and drop of 1500 feet. The first loop is 4 miles and the second 2.6 with a mile of trail connecting them making the total 8.8 miles. Abundant wildlife also makes the area popular with hunters, so make sure to wear orange in the fall season.
Location: Hamilton, MT

Rock Creek Horse Camp

One of the most popular horse camps in the valley is the Rock Creek Horse Camp located at Lake Como just north of Darby. The campground is only minutes from the lake and has hay bunks and hitching rails and several slots where horses could also be high lined.
Location: Darby, MT

Threemile Wildlife Management Area

Threemile Wildlife Management area encompasses 6,089 acres. The area may be accessed by two-wheel drive vehicles whenever roads are dry between May 15 and November 30. The area lends itself to mountain biking in summer, but motorcycles and ATVs are prohibited at Threemile. Few elk inhabit this Wildlife Management Area during summer, but they are often observable nonetheless. The most likely observations are of songbirds and raptors commonly found in upland grasslands and ponderosa pine forests. Threemile is closed to all visitation from December 1 through May 14.
Location: Stevensville, MT
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